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Jerry Banks Prophetic Ministries

A website that features lessons on prophecy, prophets and the fivefold ministry. Personal prophecy is also available.
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31 Just For Fun Graphics
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32 100% FREE Christian resources
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FREE Bible Software, MP3 Bibles, Daily devotionals, Biblestudy Tools,
Online Movies and many other links that help you grow into a deeper
relationship with Jesus Christ!
33 The Lords True Vineyard Biblical Truths Revealed
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What Happens at Death?
Is Hell Real?
Jesus Salvation
34 Gospel Rap BattleDome
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The Gospel Rap BattleDome. Originally for christian txt Battlers, but has been expanded to be a general christian discussion site!
35 This Page is no longer here
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Sorry but this site is not for show by me any more i dont own it
36 The Blessed Room
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The Blessed Room magazine is published to provide encouragement, inspiration, spiritual support and practical insights for men, women and children alike. Newly founded in 2005, our purpose has always been to uplift the non/believers through their journey
37 LOGIC Ministry
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Christian Ministry Personal Testimony and more.
38 A Christian T Shirt Company
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Christian T-shirts, We Do Christian Shirts, Lots Of Religious Designs, Jesus T Shirts For Everyone, Youth Teens, Child, Kids, Motorcycle Bikers, Unique, Cool, Quality Christian T-shirts, Cheap and Affordable.
39 communications Time of Hope
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Christian company Time of Hope, Projects and Objectives for evangelism. Communicating the Word of God to every person. Welcome.
40 Live God Network
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Ministries, Churches, Free Christian Music Mp3, Audio Bible Study, Jesus Christ sites, Education, Friendship, Love, Fun
41 His Sheep
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Teaching uncompromised truth, prophecy, deliverance, spiritual warfare, Hebraic teachings, KJV Bible controversy, edifying messages, evolution, reference materials, music, humor, poetry and more.
42 Curtis Marsh Ministries
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Curtis Marsh Ministries is a non-denominational ministry that is driven to restoring, healing & delivering souls to the kingdom of God.
43 Withered Hand Ministries Inc.
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Withered Hand Ministries Inc.
A Ministry of Restoration and Reconciliation With Our Main Emphasis on Soul Winning
44 Christian Moms of Many Blessings
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Our goal is to encourage and strengthen Christian stay at home moms, particularly those with "many blessings" (children) in their day to day walk. Our desire is that we will all submit, obey, and grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ so He may say, "Well
45 Jackies Spirit
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My long strange journey thru time

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