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Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites is for All Christian Websites! Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone!

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1 A Love Eternal
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A masterful, compelling affirmation of love's ability to transcend the grave, grief, loneliness, and sorrow. A Love Eternal bespeaks the journey that we are each destined to make, yet, for the child of God, it is but the first step into Eternity.
2 Hooked On Jesus
0 0

We are a Christian site featuring poetry by various Poets, Inspirational Verses, Bible Scritpures with Audio Links and much more
3 site no longer active
0 0
4 Biblical Strategy
0 0
Games based on The Holy Scriptures and other High Quality items available! Family Card Games, veggie tales, computer video games , biblical role playing games & more!
5 Jerry Banks Prophetic Ministries
0 0

A website that features lessons on prophecy, prophets and the fivefold ministry. Personal prophecy is also available.
6 Christian Business Topsites
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Are you a Christian that owns a business? if you are & have a business website then come list with us!
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7 Mommy and Michael's Workshop
0 0

Fun and Safe website for kids and families!
8 The Contented Kitty
0 0
Unique Handcrafted Gifts for Pet Lovers,
Including Quilts for Kitties and Canines.
Also, Wheelchair Quilts for people,
A must have for any Contented Wheelchair Rider!
9 In The Arms of God
0 0
Christian And Inspirational Books, gifit items, and artist Works.
10 Answers For The Faith
0 0

Christian Commentary, Bible Study, Bible Q & A, Christian Apologetics, Prayerline, Book Reviews, Movies & TV Commentary, all from an Evangelical/Charismatic Perspective
11 Your Cross Outreach Ministry
0 0
Real Help 4 Real Issues! God has led us to pool together well over a million bytes of great Ministry and Resource information to help each of us deal with life's crucial everyday issues. We also have great resources to help encourage each other into a clo
12 Prayer Lines
0 0
Childrens Prayers, General Prayers, and stories
0 0

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14 Inspirational Gift Gallery
0 0
A family Christian store with over 500 Christian gifts including t-shirts, jewelry, collectibles, unique handmade Christian gifts and fund raising ideas on sale every day. Plus free Christian poems and answer 10 questions, receive 10% coupon.
15 @disciple
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A Disciple's Ministry is about making disciples and growing as a disciple. My prayer is that this site will help you in your own spiritual growth and Disciple Ministry.

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